Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A memorable flight of Spirit

Coach Gene Chizik and Company's first game.  Spirit performed a memorable pre-game flight!  Thank you to Tommy Davis for generously providing the video.


  1. First off..Monica, thanks for posting the video...I hope all Auburn fans enjoy seeing it.

    If memory serves correct, the last Auburn game I've been able to attend at Jordan-Hare was the Iron Bowl in 2000 so it was nice to get back "home" to see a game w/ our new coach. It was just plain luck that Spirit flew near our seats and that the video turned out so well (as you can see as she got real close I was a little overwhelmed and wanted to watch w/ my own eyes and so for a second or two she's out of frame...but luckily, was able to capture her return into the stadium for her last fly-by before splitting the goalposts on her way to midfield.

    I'm often moved as the pre-game flight takes place...this time was certainly no different. If you love Auburn as I do...you know the feeling.

    War Eagle!

  2. Wow. Just wow! That was an awesome flight, and a great vantage point Tommy! Thanks for sharing, and War Damn Eagle!!!