Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank you to “IV” for our very first entry! IV was the inspiration for this blog.

The "War Eagle Special" submitted by IV

Time for some reminiscing. The most fun I ever had going to a road Auburn game was circa 1963. I am sure some of you more senior A. U. fans may remember the "War Eagle Special". This was a special train that left Montgomery early on Saturday morning to go to the Auburn - Ga. Tech game, stopping in Auburn en route to pick up additional passengers including a lot of students. Having been long gone from Auburn and freshly established in the Gump, I, along with some new found Auburn buddies boarded said train in 'gomery and off we go to Hotlanta and what is now Bobby Dodd Stadium. Quite a few fans boarded at outset, but the fun really started when we stopped in Auburn. My friends, you think you can have fun traveling with some buddies to a game say in an R. V.? You ain’t lived until you go to a game with a train load of Auburn buddies, old and newly found! Once in Atlanta, the R. R. had special busses to take us to the game. We got there in time to walk over to the Varsity for a few dogs, the only good thing in the vicinity of G. T. campus except for my younger son now living nearby on Peachtree Street. We beat the insects that day as I recall 29 to 21 which in those days was not easy to do in Atlanta. You were automatically 14 points down when you set foot in the stadium. The train ride back was where it really got to be fun. Mucho adult drinks and partying for those that cared to participate. This also brings back memories of the wreck Tech pajama parades on campus on Friday before the Tech game, but that is another story for another time.