Monday, August 31, 2009

Gaines, son of IV, offer's his first post.

I don't remember how old I was, maybe IV can help me out with this!  But I was young, maybe 5, maybe 6 years old; just a budding young Tiger. Dad had gotten us tickets to an Auburn Homecoming game, and our seats were in the newly constructed upper deck section (west section), about half-way up.

I remember being pretty scared that I was going to fall to my death being that high up, but after a while I got used to the altitude. I remember that I had a stuffed animal with me, a little fuzzy white cat with deep blue eyes, and I was playing with the toy instead of focusing on the game. Sitting near us was a nice lady who had a daughter who was about my age. The daughter saw my little stuffed animal, and became enamored with it. She came up to talk to me about the kitty, and asked me what his name was. I didn't have a name for the toy, he was just kitty-cat as far as I was concerned. Well, she asked if she could name the kitty "Tu Tu". I said, "If he's Two Two, that would make him Four!" The little girl said, "well let's call him Four Four then!" And my reply was, "Four Four is Eight!" And on we went up the multiplication tables until I reached 64, at which point my your brain couldn't fathom the next numbers. Anyway, the little girl and I played together, dad and her mom shared Auburn memories, and the team was victorious! So, at a very young age I learned quickly several things about Auburn that hold true to this day: 1) Auburn people love Auburn, and will talk to utter strangers about a common ground if you will only wear a little burnt orange and navy blue. 2) Auburn Football games are fun as heck, and can even be exciting at times! 3) The cutest girls in the world love Auburn and Auburn Men, and will go out of their way to meet them!!!

I'd love to believe that the little girl still remembers me, and that I made her day of Auburn Football a fun experience for her too. I'd also love to think that she grew up, went to Auburn, and became the Homecoming Queen or a Tigerette, or a Cheerleader, and still thinks back to one of her first football games and the little boy with the cat called "Tu Tu". Regardless, she is someone I will never forget, because she was a very integral part of my first Auburn experience.  Not only because she and I became friends for a day, but also because I helped her learn the words to "War Eagle". I played a role in creating, even at a young age, an Auburn Man and an Auburn Woman.

War Damn Eagle!

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